Sentiments Verse Pins VP25-VP48 Refill x6

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VP25 Dog, VP26 Cat, VP27 Guardian Angel, VP28 Guardian Angel, VP29 Don’t Quit, VP30 I Said A Prayer For You Today, VP31 Footprints, VP32 God’s Promise, VP33 Wonderful Friend, VP34 Miracle of Friendship, VP35 Sharing Your Friendship, VP36 Friendship Because, VP37 Somebody Loves You, VP38 A Special Friend, VP39 I May Not See You Often, VP40 Thank You, VP41 A Little Time, VP42 Serenity Prayer, VP43 Thinking of You, VP44 A Good Friend is Forever, VP45 Friendship Is A Golden Chain, VP46 Favourite Recipe, VP47 It Makes Me Happy, VP48 Eternal